"How do I copy music from my computer to my Minidisc?" This page is designed to help the amateur or novice minidisc user who wants to learn how to record to a minidisc from a computer. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with playing computer audio, whether it be MP3 files or other audio types. Note that this page is only intended for PC owners. I know nothing about Apples. If you are using an Apple computer, click on the Windows shutdown icon:

  Copying audio from computer to MD: How do I do it? Here is a guide for even the most novice users who want to find a way to copy audio from their computer. The principles shown here are described from the point of view of recording them to a portable minidisc (MD); however the same principles would apply regardless of what format you are trying to record to -- cassette, DCC, DAT, or others.

What connectors exist? A guide to understanding the different kinds of connectors that exist and an explanation of what these connectors do.

What connectors do I have anyway? A guide to help identify what connectors you have or don't have on your computer and minidisc recorder.

What cables do I need? An explanation of many of the most common cables used in computer audio. The concepts explained here also apply in a broader sense in the world of hi-fi audio, too.

How do I install the USB-to-Minidisc cable? A step-by-step guide to the installation process for the minidisc USB cable.

Daughter cards. A few things you may want to know before making a decision on whether to upgrade your computer's sound system from analog to digital, and the general types of hardware that exist on the market.

Digital? Analog? What is it? A simplified guide, explaining in (almost) everyday language the meaning of the terms "analog" and "digital", how they are different, and why these terms matter at all.


A note on copyrights: This site assumes that you have the permission of the applicable copyright holder to reproduce the audio using the methods shown. Performing any operations described on these pages may involve legal implications. Ensure that you have the appropriate consent of the copyright holder(s) before proceeding. Disclaimer: This site is intended to provide information for reference purposes only. By clicking on any of the above links, you agree that the site's owner/maintainer is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to yourself, your equipment or your house if you decide to actually try any of the things mentioned.


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